Last week while waiting for the bus at the Vista terminal I saw a young man dancing with his headphones on. I watched as he enjoyed his music and wondered why he was doing it? no one else could hear the music, just him. Those who passed by the place turned to stare at him or nearly collided with him and noticed his presence.
There was a time when he fell while trying to make a complicated step. I noticed his shame, but he stood and shook … I thought he would no longer continue but that didn’t happen, after one minute he started dancing again with even more effort trying out steps that were not done before. Another boy who watched approached him and asked how had he learned to dance, the young man stopped to answer and continued dancing with his eyes closed.
Thats weird! (I thought) was he waiting for more friends? or practicing for an event? waiting for the bus? … I do not know, but it really got my attention his passion. He was barely noticing what was happening around, his eyes were closed enjoying, without giving up after falling trying with even more effort.
After a while a security person stopped and said “EXCUSE ME!” as he touched the shoulder to get his attention. The frightened young man took off one of his headphones (ugh! he even scared me) …  What would he say?!! His face looked angry and firm with a strong voice. After he had the full attention of the young man, he let glimpse a great smile and said “NICE MOVES”  He recommended that he continue to do so and walked away with that big smile humming something of his own … The boy was stunned , turned sideways and with a relieved smile the other boy confessed his fright. … After that he continued with his dancing.
Soon some little girls who were already watching him while they waited for their bus began to want to imitate his steps, at first timidly without moving much, and after a while shyness went away and they started jumping also glad to show that they could do something similar =)
My bus got there, and to my surprise it was the same driver who had taken me to school earlier, who had helped me later to know where to wait for the next bus, and now I was seeing him again for the third time in the day.. What a surprise!
I kept thinking how throughout our lives we go on “touching” other people’s lives … we sometimes have a moment or sometimes a long time. This young man for example, left me thinking about passion, dedication, and perseverance, about the courage needed to be oneself, the use of talents and the need to put them at the service of others; the guard, about the need that exists to motivate each other, and the joy that comes from doing so; the guy who approached to ask, in the courage to break with the indifference and how one should not stop when in the heart arises a good desire; and the girls, about the boundless joy for life, about being daring and joining what moves you. Finally, I believe that if multiplying the talents is what one wants, the best way to do it is by exposing them, putting them to the test, welcoming criticism, falling, getting up and surpassing ourselves.
It’s amazing how an action triggers many others, sometimes visible and others invisible, and with the power to keep moving. I wish that we echo what is good and pure, and God allows us the opportunity of being able to meet again in different “bus stops”, especially when on the first occasion our “touch” was not that we wanted, when for some reason we did not zest to give our best.
Let’s continue with our efforts, putting our talents to use and delivering everything with love … you never know how far you can get, as close as one heart, or so away …. as you have not dared to dream!